Clean Corporate Entertainer - Comedy Hypnotist Doug MacCraw

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Is your Comedy Hypnosis Show available in our area?
YES!  Doug MacCraw performs throughout the United States.  He has also entertained in Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean.
WHY hire a certified hypnotist?
A hypnotist who is certified through the National Guild of Hypnotists has proven degrees of knowledge, understanding and application of hypnosis.  He/She is also bound by a set of standard and practices as well as a professional code of ethics.
What is the LENGTH of your Stage Hypnosis Show?
The program can range anywhere from 45 minutes to 120 minutes.  The recommend hypnosis show is 60 to 90 minutes.
What is the COST of your Corporate Hypnosis Show?
The fee is based on the type of package you choose for your special event.  Variables include travel,  length of performance, date of event, customization of program, etc.  For your corporate event, just call or e-mail for a fee quote.
WHY Doug’s show for our corporate event? 
In addition to wanting the best entertainment, you also want a hypnotist who is certified, trained and has a track record of success.  That way you are putting your event attendees in the hands of a true professional giving you the confidence that you have win, win entertainment combination…a Great Performer…a True Professional.